Electric Sheep Live Wallpaper v2.0 APK

Electric Sheep Infinite Evolving Live Wallpaper!

Electric Sheep Live Wallpaper play.google.com.electricsheep
The official Electric Sheep application for Android, and winner of a ZKM app art award! Infinite updating live wallpaper as well as interactive app, animations created by a cyborg mind consisting of 450,000 computers and software. The only wallpaper with animated and evolving Fractal Flames. Excellent for meditation, relaxation, and visual dreaming at any time.

New Features in v1.5: Loop Lock to repeat your favorite sheep forever, parallax mode for switching pages on the home screen, and instant start after install.

It comes with 200 download credits built-in (twice as many as in v1.4), each good for one sheep. After they run out you can get more credits with an in-app purchase (for half the price). After downloading the initial flock, you should get a few more each day.

The app is specially designed to minimize power consumption. With normal use it should have no measurable impact on the battery, however when it's first installed and is downloading the initial flock it takes more power. It has an option to only download when on a WiFi network, in case you have a limited data plan.

Once you install and run it, tap the screen to bring up the status overlay, or hit the menu button to see the main commands, including the preferences where you can change the speed (FPS).

By default the speed is set to slow so it's not too distracting and doesn't use too much battery. If you want it to go faster, use the preferences. You can also set it to stop running when your battery gets low.

What's in this version : (Updated : May 12, 2013)
  • Fixed memory leak for smoother playback and less power consumption.
  • Holo UI (menu button moved onscreen, preferences panel redone), new icon, loop lock interface improved.
  • Tapping on bkg while paused causes jumping bug fixed.
Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 7.4Mb APK